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EXCLUSIVE: Piers meets professor Stephen Hawking

Piers Morgan caught up with Professor Stephen Hawking in Cambridge, where the pair talked about Trump, climate change, Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn.

The physicist and cosmologist told us how he "fears he may not be welcome" in the United States as he revealed that he thinks Trump should fire Scott Pruitt from the Environment Protection Agency. "Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it’s one we can prevent," he said.

He also revealed that his ultimate ambition is to fly into space and that Sir Richard Branson has offered him a seat on Virgin Galactic - "I said yes immediately. Since that day, I have never changed my mind."

Piers met Professor Hawking on St Patrick's Day - so couldn't resist asking him to join him in a pint of the black stuff!

Plus, the professor has always been open about his support of the Labour party - but he doesn't approve of Corbyn as leader. "I don’t believe there will be much chance of Labour winning an election under him," he told Piers.

"He doesn’t come across as a strong leader, and he allowed the media to portray him as a left-wing extremist, which he’s not. It’s no good having the right principles if you never get in power. But I will continue to vote Labour - it’s the party that matters."

And although he's deemed the smartest man on the planet, there is one thing Professor Hawking doesn't claim to know - the meaning if life - "I have no idea". However, he told us what has brought meaning to his own life: "I do remember when I was happiest. It was 1967, and the birth of my first child, Robert. My three children have brought me great joy."

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