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EXCLUSIVE: Sir Cliff Richard reveals all about BBC case and new 80th birthday album

In an exclusive interview Sir Cliff Richard told Good Morning Britain he feels "stronger and freed" following his case with the BBC.

Richard Arnold caught up with the legendary singer at the Haymarket Theatre, which officially closed its doors due to the pandemic in March, where he also revealed he would be celebrating his 80th birthday with a brand new album.

Sir Cliff received £2m to cover his legal fees after winning a High Court case against the BBC for the way they covered a South Yorkshire Police raid on his home in 2014.

Six years on he told Richard how much the case impacted him at the time and that since clearing his name he has been able to feel stronger and stronger.

"You trust institutions and two of the biggest did me foul," Sir Cliff said. "I had to go through a really deep hole of a time in my life but I feel good about it now. I'll never forget it, but I'm past it."

Sir Cliff said his "legs went and he was gushing tears" when he heard the allegations of sexual assault in 2014 but he says the support of his friends, who backed him from the start, helped him through the difficult time.

On the public support he received at the time he said: "My lawyers said they've never worked with someone with 100% public support, I knew I had that from the beginning, support was vital."

When it comes to turning 80, Sir Cliff wondered where the 'Peter Pan of Pop' had gone: "When I wake up in the morning I see me as I really am and I think 'Oh Dear'.  The trick is to try to look good, not try to look young.

"The hardest thing to live up to has been that 'Peter Pan of Pop' it's not possible."

Watch the interview with Sir Cliff above.

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