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Exclusive: Stephen Hawking on EU, Trump and more

Gone are the days we could stand on our own

Professor Stephen Hawking

He has grappled with some of the biggest questions in the universe and now Professor Stephen Hawking gives his answer to another: In or out?

In his only interview on the subject, Hawking tells GMB he predicts a recession if Britain leave the EU and warns: "Gone are the days when we could stand on our own".

He also gives his views on US presidential hopeful Donald Trump and reveals his dream dinner party guests - plus he tells Mark Austin of how he never thought he'd be able to have children after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

The professor also reveals that he thinks the planet's biggest threat is global warming.

We will still be an attractive partner to continue to collaborate with, should we leave the EU

Dr Lee Upcraft

Meanwhile, we also speak with Dr Lee Upcraft, a physicist who doesn't share Hawking's views on how a Brexit would affect scientific advancement. He told us that he sees no reason why scientific funding should be affected by political collaboration.

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