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Check your child's eye health with GMB's Eye Can See campaign

Our eyesight is one of the most important senses we have. But has your child had an eye test? If you haven't taken them for an eye test, or they haven't been tested at school, we have the details you need to know.

All eye experts agree that its essential for four-five year olds to have a vision screening test, but a Good Morning Britain investigation has found that while every child in England should be tested in school, tens of thousands of children are NOT being tested, putting their sight at risk.

Furthermore, many parents are not taking their children for eye tests, because they do not realise that they can get them for FREE in specialist eye health centres, or through high street opticians.

Does your child need an eye test? Take our quiz

That's why Good Morning Britain is launching a campaign to make sure every four-five-year-old child in England gets a test at school. We are also encouraging parents to take responsibility for their child's health and make sure they book in for eye screening.

So how can you get involved?

I am a parent - how can I get a free eye test for my child?

Every child aged 15 or under is entitled to a free NHS eye test. Make an appointment with your local optician or optical health unit and take your birth certificate with you to prove they are 15 or under.

Every optical practice can and will perform a children’s eye test, including independent practises and chains. You can find your nearest centre at one of the following:

[Specsavers]( https://www.specsavers.co.uk/childrens-eyecare)BootsVision Express

Or find your nearest optometrists here

And if you live in London you can go to City, University of London's Children's Clinic

I am a primary school teacher/headteacher and am interested in getting school eye tests

Some local authorities do provide vision screening for four-five years, but a GMB investigation has found that some authorities do no provide this service. Alternatively you may just wish to do extra eye tests for older pupils.

If you are interested in finding out how your pupils can get an eye test please email gmbspecials@itv.com with details of the name of your school and how many pupils you wish to have tested.

Alternatively you can contact the following for details of their school screening programme:


Stay tuned this week to find out more about our Eye Can See campaign!

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