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'I talk about him like he's still here'

I'm basically James's voice because he doesn't have one of his own anymore

Denise Fergus

Denise Fergus has opened up about losing her son James Bulger after he was abducted and murdered by two boys in 1993.

She told Good Morning Britain about how she has had to move on with her life for the sake of her other children since the three year old died after being taken by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson.

Denise told Piers and Susanna of how she still talks about him like he's still alive, so her other sons feel like they know him.

"I'm basically James's voice because he doesn't have one of his own anymore," she told us.

Meanwhile, the father of a toddler kidnapped from a Primark store in Newcastle this year has spoken of the "agony" he felt in the two hours she was missing - and of his guilt over not preventing the abduction.

In an exclusive interview with Denise for GMB the man anonymously opened up about how he still longs for the truth of what happened and cannot forgive the teenagers until they tell him.

On 18 July 2016 two girls, aged 13 and 14, were sentenced to three years and three months in a youth detention centre each after they admitted snatching a toddler in Newcastle on April 13. Just before the kidnap, the Tyneside teenagers had shoplifted dummies, baby milk and a bottle.

After luring the little girl away from her mum, the kidnappers took her three miles away on the Metro to Gosforth before police caught them in Gosforth Central Park, where the teenagers were arrested.

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