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We surprise a deserving dad with trip to Brazil

After weeks of searching and 1,000 entries, today we are surprising one deserving dad with a Father's Day trip of a lifetime to celebrate the summer of football in Brazil!

And the winner is... Matthew Vanes from Paignton, who was nominated by his kids, who asked their gran to send in a poem that they had written about their dad.

Eight years ago, when Matthew's sons were four and two, his wife Vicky went into hospital for a routine operation. Unfortunately after complications, she died. Overnight, Matthew became mum and dad to his two boys.

Saul, 12, and Owen, 10, think their dad is amazing and they want the world to know. They feel that after everything he has been through, he really deserves a holiday. Whatsmore, his passion is football - so what better gift to give him than a trip to the home of football.

The winning poem

Some dads are very specialAnd we are proud to sayThat our dad Matt is one of theseIn an extra special way.

Eight years ago when we lost mumWe knew your heart was brokenWith Owen one and me just threeYou held your grief unspoken.

You tackled potty trainingAnd temper tantrums tooRemember all the problemsWhen matching feet to shoe?

You enrolled in several classesIn childcare no lessIn order that you gave us boysYour very, very best.

Now a supervisorAt a pre-school nurseryYour special care and loving waysAre there for all to see.

You coach our local football teamYou run us here and thereYou never think about yourselfYour love you always share.

We'll always miss our mummyBut want to shout out loudHow much we love you daddyYou make us very proud. (And we really think you deserve this prize)

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