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Five reasons you should watch HOW this weekend

Exploding toilets, nappies covered in chocolate and a broken arm, what's not to like?

If you are looking for something to keep your kids entertained and educated during lockdown 2.0 then look no further than ITV's relaunch of HOW.

Fronted by Sam Homewood, Vick Hope and Frankie Vu the show conducts so hair-raising experiments, gives you the best life hacks and busts some playground myths.

The first episode is available to watch on the ITV Hub right now.

And Sam spoke exclusively to Richard Arnold's Armchair Guide to tell you five reasons why you have to tune in this Sunday at 8.30am on CITV.

1. Exploding toilets - they literally blow up a toilet. Pieces everywhere.

2. Sam gets Vick to put on a wedding ring - no there's no romance in the air but the guys re-enact the world's first ever x-ray.

3. A nappy covered in chocolate - this is where things get a bit gross. Sam has a life hack that could protect all your stuff when you're down at the beach.

4. Some seriously messy cake decorating - move aside Bake Off, Sam, Vick and Frankie get their hands dirty as they do their very best cake decorating.

5. Broken bones - keep your eyes peeled for Sam leaning on a yellow cushion as just a day before filming the show he broke his arm!

Weekdays | 6am-9am