Matt Dawson opens up about his battle with Lyme disease

Matt Dawson shared his experience of Lyme disease with us this morning. The former England rugby player contracted the disease from a tick bite while training in London back in 2016.

The bacterial infection affected his heart and resulted in him having several operations.

Thankfully, after a lengthy recovery process, Matt is on the mend and is now supporting the Big Tick Project to help raise awareness of the disease.

Being a former Strictly Come Dancing contestant himself, Matt offered our latest Strictly star, Charlotte Hawkins, the advice she needs to waltz her way to victory.

Here's five facts about Lyme disease:

  • The disease is transmitted through a bite from an infected deer tick

  • Common symptoms include: fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, a stiff neck, light and sound sensitivity

  • After being bitten, some people can develop the Lyme symptoms weeks, months, years or even decades later

  • One in three pet dogs have ticks

  • Groom your pet regularly and check for any evidence of tick infestations

Watch the full interview above.

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