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Gary Lineker set to welcome migrant into his home

Gary Lineker has invited a refugee to live in his home.

The football pundit recently revealed that he had signed up to the Refugees at Home programme which enables people who have spare rooms to offer them to refugees who require a place to stay.

Reacting to the news, Kevin Maguire told Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid that he commended Gary's actions.

"He’s put his house where his mouth is. In fact, a Tory MP in Nottinghamshire challenged him to put up a refugee and he said right I will. This charity has successfully put 2000 refugees in homes when they arrive and Gary Lineker said, 'well I’ve got a large house, children have grown up, it’s empty'," he said during his appearance on Good Morning Britain.

However, Kevin noted that while it is a kind gesture, it may not be successful.

In response to Ben's question about what will happen if it doesn't work out, Kevin said: "It would be at the very least embarrassing for him. Perhaps disastrous. We also mustn’t forget the impact on the refugees. Some who arrive are very troubled. They’ve had arduous journeys to get here and they need a lot of support." 

"You can’t just put a refugee in a back bedroom and say that will be ok. But Gary Lineker is very much a liberal guy He stands up for decent values. I’m sure he’ll be aware of all this. The charity involved will be aware of that so they will put in care and monitoring and support in the hope that it benefits the refugee. It won’t work for everybody."

"Given his public profile, I think it will be a terrific gesture by Gary Lineker," he added.

Former special advisor to Sajid Javid, Salma Shah noted that while Gary's actions are coming from a good place, it could undermine the Home Office's objective of deterring migrants from crossing the Channel.

"I think Gary Lineker’s gesture as Kevin notes, is a compassionate one, but the view from the Home Office will certainly be that making such a high profile statement can often undermine the home office’s objective in deterring people from making these dangerous crossings," she said.

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