Gay conversion therapist confirms he is gay

David Matheson - hailed as the 'Godfather' of gay conversion therapy - has confirmed he is gay but continues to defend his previous work - claiming it is not a 'sham'.

The highly controversial 'gay conversion' therapy sessions have claimed to be able to 'cure' homosexuality for many decades.

He says in defence of his work, claiming his clients had undergone conversion therapy voluntarily.

"You show a misunderstanding of the people that I was working with because the people that I was working with came to me," he told Good Morning Britain.

Piers questioned Matheson on his work - which he labelled as 'harmful to gay men'.

"All of this - if you're gay - is highly offensive," the presenter said.

"You've caused a lot of damage to people over the years."

Matheson did admit to feeling concern, admitting: "Part of the work that I've done... has been confusing to some men."

"I think some people who probably would've come out, like I have done, earlier in their lives may have stayed in the closet longer because of the work that I did."

Whilst Susanna asked whether he thought his "energy would've been better put into trying to tackle the stigma and discrimination against gay men and women?"

David replied: "Yes, in hindsight."

Although Matheson is adamant his work was not a 'sham', he recently pulled the publication of his book titled 'Becoming A Whole Man' - critics slammed it for suggesting homosexual males cannot be 'whole'.

Watch the full interview above.