General Election: Exit poll predicts big Tory majority

The exit poll - which is commissioned by BBC News, ITV News and Sky News - is predicting the following result: Conservatives - 368 seatsLabour - 191 seatsLib Dems - 13 seatsSNP - 55 seatsOthers - 23 seats

The poll is based on a survey of thousands of voters across 144 constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales, after they've cast their ballot.

The constituencies are chosen to reflect the demography of the country, the balance between rural and urban seats, and weighted slightly in favour of marginal areas.

The poll does not include Northern Ireland, where a different set of parties dominate politics.

In order to achieve a majority government, a party needs to win at least 326 seats in the House of Commons.

Have previous exit polls been accurate?

In the 2017 General Election, the exit poll correctly predicted that the Conservatives would be the largest party.

Previous exit polls:

2017 - Exit Poll: Conservatives largest party | Final Result: Hung parliament 2015 - Exit Poll: Conservatives largest party | Final Result: Conservatives majority2010 - Exit Poll: Hung parliament | Final Result: Hung Parliament2005 - Exit Poll: Labour majority | Labour Majority2001 - Exit Poll Labour majority | Labour Majority