EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney’s dad says he will be a 'wonderful father'

George Clooney’s dad Nick Clooney spoke exclusively to Good Morning Britain to share his delight at the arrival of his grandchildren.

Speaking of George and Amal’s twins Ella and Alexander he said: “They’re absolutely beautiful. I’m supposed to be a reporter, therefore observant, but I really don’t know how to describe one beautiful baby from another beautiful baby - these are two beautiful babies."

Speaking of nappy duty, Nick said: “[George] will be hands on entirely and he will do it with humour and with joy.”

Nick also sent his thanks to the couple’s fans: “They have sent good wishes, they have kept attentive watch on this event as it unfolded and we have been aware of that and we have really been very, very grateful, thank you.”

Listen to the full audio above.

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