GMB favourite Ella Chadwick celebrates her 13th birthday

GMB favourite Ella Chadwick is now a teenager!

Ella, who turned 13 on Wednesday 9 September, appeared on Good Morning Britain and told Ben and Kate about how she celebrated her birthday.

It involved some delicious party food, balloons, a cake and some lovely presents.

Speaking about her experience of lockdown because Ella has had to shield, Ella's mum Karen said: "She’s been ok. We’ve been keeping her busy. She did lots of laps in the garden to raise money for the NHS."

"Being inside wasn’t as much of a shock to her because she spent so many months in hospital before her transplant so being inside wasn't as much as a shock as it would be for others," Karen added.

During the interview, Ella and Karen also spoke about the Share Your Wishes campaign which encourages us all to talk about organ donation.

"We’ve been involved with Share Your Wishes just for people to talk to their families and let them know if they would like to donate their organs," Karen said.