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Good Morning Britain pays tribute to more than 100,000 people who have died with Covid

The latest official government figures show that more than 100,000 people have now died with coronavirus in the UK.

This morning, we pay tribute to all those who have died and to those who have been left behind. With their families’ permission, here are just some of their stories.

Maria Rico

Maria Rico from Leicestershire died at the age of 76 on the 1st of November. Maria's family say she was an amazing person and an incredible grandmother who was never too busy to play with her grandchildren. Her daughter Anabel remembers her mum as a great light in the family. 

Ahsan-ul-Haq Chaudry

81-year-old Ahsan-ul-Haq Chaudry was originally from India. After witnessing many horrors as a child during partition, he came to the UK aged 19 to build a new life free from trauma. A maths and computer science teacher, he raised a family of public servants, including an emergency medicine and intensive care doctor, two GPs, a junior doctor, a consultant paediatrician and a pharmacist. His family describe him as being "like the BFG" - very tall and kind. A talented chef who loved cooking for his family, he was passionate about Scotland, bagpipes and steam trains.

Susan Marston

68-year-old Susan Marston died on the 2nd of May. She was kind, loving, and funny. Her daughters say she was a wonderful grandmother and they're so sad their children won't have her in their lives. She loved travelling, food and cats, but most of all, she loved her family.

Bassodeo Rambojun

85-year-old, former Royal Mail worker, Bassodeo Rambojun was honoured by the Queen for his 25 years of service. A father of three and grandfather of six, he loved holidays by the sea and picnics in Richmond Park. His daughter Devita said "my parents should have celebrated 50 years of marriage this year. Losing him has been unbearable."

Rachel Hardy

83-year-old Rachel Hardy was a former NHS nurse. She lived through World War Two where she survived bombings in Hull and also served as a Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes officer in Cyprus. Her son Michael says she had a remarkable life and was adored by her family.

Olufemi Akinnola

Olufemi Akinnola was a loving man who doted on his family and friends. A key worker for a British charity, he took care of people with learning difficulties. Olufemi enjoyed the gym and his allotment. His son Lobby says it was impossible not to laugh in his company and described his dad as "our support, our cheerleader and our comfort." Olufemi died a month before his 61st birthday.

Shelia Gompertz

83-year-old Shelia Gompertz was married to David for 59 years and had three children and six grandchildren. Sheila had a PHD in biochemistry and worked as a computer scientist for the NHS, but her biggest joy was gardening. After Sheila’s death, David set up the 'Yellow Hearts' Facebook page so those who had lost loved ones could offer each other support.

Mohammed Abdul Razaq

61-year-old Mohammed Abdul Razaq had a great sense of humour and always went the extra mile to put a smile on everyone's faces. His family describe him as very humble. He didn’t just care about his family, but for the whole community. A great husband, father, and a grandad, his death is a huge loss to everyone who knew him.

Kim Brien

60-year-old Kim Brien had just started his dream job as Chief Information Officer at Hitachi Capital. Happily married to Martina for 34 years, a proud dad to three daughters and survived by his 89-year-old father. He wanted to work in the local magic shop upon retiring. He was a huge Derby County fan, enjoyed keeping fit, and going for walks with Martina to keep up his daily step count. He also loved rhubarb gin.

Jim Russell

51-year-old Jim Russell, was fit, healthy and enjoyed the gym. He died on 4th May. Jim was a HGV driver and was known as 'Big Gorgeous' because of the pristine appearance of himself and his trucks. His fiancée Connie says he was a gentleman and anyone who had the honour of knowing him had so much respect for him. He loved Old Skool music and showing off his dance moves.

Marita Edwards

Marita Edwards was 80-years-young and from Newport. She was in hospital after a routine gall bladder operation when she fell ill and died on 20th March. Married to Jim for 30 years, they loved to go out with friends and dance. Her son Stuart says she was very fit and played golf. He added Marita doted on her granddaughter Lorna and was one of those people everyone assumed would live well into her 90's.

John Ho

Black cab driver John Ho was 55. He was training for his 3rd dan in karate and wanted to become a karate teacher. He loved chatting to people, travelling and had lots of friends. He's missed dreadfully by his partner of 23 years, Cindy, daughters Sophie and Kaysha and two grandchildren.

Gladys, Darren and Dean Lewis

74-year old Gladys Lewis and her two sons Darren, who was 42, and Dean, who was 44, died within days of each other. The family were from Pentre in Wales.

Gladys Lewis

Gladys was married to David for 44 years, she had 13 grandchildren and 4 great grand-kids. She was a home carer in the community - and only retired when she was 70. She loved getting a bargain and going to car boot sales. But most of all, she lived for her family.

Darren Lewis

Darren was a happy, lovable man. He was football mad and supported Arsenal, making sure he never missed a game. He loved going to the day centre and playing walking football.

Dean Lewis

Dean died a day after his mum. He was married to Claire for 18 years and had three sons. He loved to cook and was an avid reader. Claire describes him as a quiet man with a heart of gold but also "a total wind-up merchant" who loved playing pranks.

Mike Hynd

Mike Hynd died on the 26th of April - ten days after turning 80. He had a life-long interest in mechanical engineering, preservation and railways. In his younger years, he was a keen rally driver and competed in the gruelling five-day Monte Carlo rally, winning his class. His son Steve remembers him as a warm, loving and committed dad.

Katie Horne

Katie Horne was 21-years-old. Happy and full of life, she had just renewed her passport to go on holiday with her boyfriend, Jamie. She was a beautiful person inside and out with a smile that lit up her face. An Early Years Practitioner, Katie was studying for a degree in Early Years Education. She loved children and the children in her care adored her.

Trevor Belle

Dad of three and grandad to Parker - Trevor Belle was a black cab driver. He was spat on by a passenger trying to dodge a £9 fair, who claimed he had the virus. Trevor stopped working and fell ill four days later. He died three days after his 61st birthday. Trevor was with his partner Kelly for 28 years. He loved Reggae music, supporting Arsenal and watching his 13-year-old Finley play football.

Peter Rodney Myles

Peter Rodney Myles, from Huntley in Aberdeen, was 77. He was the 57th person in the country to die of Covid. He worked as a vicar in the Church of England and his daughter Sophia describes him as a gentle man with enormous depth and a loving soul who was also a passionate bird watcher.

Abbas Ahmed

Police Constable Abbas Ahmed was 40-years-old. PC Ahmed joined Greater Manchester Police in March 2017 and has been described by his colleagues on the Stretford Response Team as "the greatest brother in and out of work". He leaves behind his wife and two young children.

Elizabeth Lewis

95-year-old Elizabeth Lewis, also known as Betty, was gentle and kind but also resilient. She had an unrelenting love for her family. Her granddaughter Anouchka said Betty loved art and reading. She was interested in the world around her and made sure her family was too. Anouchka said "despite our 70-year age gap, she was my best friend."

Matt Pears

48-year-old Matt Pears died on the 17th of May. He was a devoted husband to Amanda - family meant everything to him. Matt was greatly respected and loved by those he worked with. He was a fan of boxing and football but music was his greatest love. Matt had a great sense of humour and his family say you could hear his infectious, booming laugh from miles away. 

Jim Pass

Jim Pass miraculously survived Dunkirk, played a vital role on D-Day and was awarded France's top military honour. After the war, he ran a newsagent in Leeds. In retirement, he became heavily involved in the Camping and Caravanning Club. He was married to Molly for 45 years and later to Rita for 32 years. Jim died on the 4th of November. He was 102-years-old.

Ramila Smyth

Ramila Smyth was born in India and came to the UK when she was six. Her son Chris says she was devoted to him, his sisters, husband Alan and grandchildren. In November 2019, they made her dreams come true going on a safari holiday to Kenya - memories they will always treasure.

Doris Hobday

96-year-old Tipton Twins Doris Hobday and Lilian Cox were one of the oldest sets of identical twins in the UK and great friends of this show. Both of them contracted the virus. Lil is now out of hospital and recovering. Sadly, Doris passed away on the 5th of January - two days before her vaccination letter arrived. Doris and Lil worked in factories and usually caught the bus together - they were often thrown off for singing too loudly.

Alan Mayhew

81-year-old Alan Mayhew died on 6th April. Married to Pamela for 60 years, he was also a father of three, grandfather of four and great-grandfather to Max. Alan was a keen gardener and enjoyed growing vegetables. He loved football and supported Mansfield Town Football Club. His daughter Diane says, 'Our family is haunted by this and we will never get over it.'

Eddie Large

Well loved comedian Eddie Large passed away on 2nd April. A well-known face on TV, he was a huge fan of Manchester City and would regularly go to games. Eddie devoted a lot of his time to charity including his own golf day, the Eddie Large Classic, to raise money for the children’s charity Christies. He was also a patron for the Variety Children’s Charity who he regularly hosted events for and presented sunshine buses to help disabled children get to and from school. His son Ryan says, "We all miss Dad terribly, he was an amazing husband, Dad, grandad, brother and uncle and we are so lucky for all the memories we have."

Alan Fitchett

Father of five children and four grandchildren, Alan Fitchett sadly lost his fight to COVID-19 on Good Friday, 10th April 2020. He was a caring, selfless man with a great sense of humour. He was immensely proud of his role as a lecturer. Testament to the great individual Alan was, his family raised just shy of £4000 in his memory for the NHS staff members who cared for him at Watford General Hospital and the Royal Papworth Hospital.

Areema Nasreen

36-year-old Areema Nasreen was a devoted nurse who always put herself last and helped those who were in need. Her family says Areema had a beautiful smile, an amazing heart and making someone smile would make her day.

Salina Shaw

37-year-old Salina Shaw gave birth to her daughter, Love on 4th April. She died eight days later on Easter Sunday. She was fit, healthy and enjoyed working out. She was a well-loved childminder in Southend and a devoted mum to her three children. Her dad Tony says the children she looked after loved her dearly.

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