Government opens access to coronavirus tests for new parts of health service and workforce

The government is rolling out a major new testing programme for new parts of the health service and members of the public.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said access to tests will be rolled out for asymptomatic staff and residents in care homes in England and patients and staff in the NHS.

"This will mean anyone who is working or living in a care home will be able to get access to a test whether they have symptoms or not," Mr Hancock said.

The Health Secretary said there is also the capacity to make testing available for all over-65s and their households with symptoms as well as all workers who have to leave their house to go to work and members of their households with symptoms.

Those workers who would be able to access a test include construction workers, emergency plumbers, research scientists and those in manufacturing, according to Mr Hancock.

Mr Hancock confirmed daily testing capacity stands at 73,400, two days before the end of April for when he has set a target of 100,000 tests being carried out.