Is it time to pay grandparents for childcare?

In a survey for Age UK out today, two-fifths (40%) of the nations grandparents over the age of 50 provide regular childcare for their grandchildren.

The findings show that grannannying is very popular with around five million grandparents playing a pivotal role in their grandchildren's day to day lives.

Mum Amy Nickell says the idea of paying her mum to look after her son, Freddie, is ridiculous while Liz Hodgkinson, who has five grandchildren, believes it is an inconvenience.

Amy says: "It's not work, it's anything but work, it's a joy! My mum has flourished from looking after Freddie. I don't think you should monetise that relationship and send them an invoice. Send them flowers or champagne."

But Liz added: "There isn't a sum of money that would persuade me to look after my grandchildren. I cannot stand looking after small children. I hate all games and roundabouts and swings. I was like that with my own children too.

"I believe grandparents should be paid but where does that money come from? The parents or the state? Many people rely on grandparents because they cannot afford nursery or a nanny."

It seems this is one debate that will continue!