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'I Didn't Think He Was Coming Home': British Cruise Couple Describe How They Survived Covid-19

British couple, David and Sally Abel are back in the UK after recovering from Covid-19 in Japan.

In an exclusive interview, David and Sally described how happy they are to be home after being treated for Covid-19 in a Japanese hospital.

The couple contracted the disease while in quarantine on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

David said: 'We had an amazing cruise, it was fantastic until we realised the virus was creeping in. The moment the ship went into quarantine that’s when everything changed.'

The couple originally could not believe they had tested positive for the disease but when David was diagnosed with acute pneumonia, Sally said she 'didn’t think he was coming home.'

Sally described their time in the hospital: 'He was extremely bad. They diagnosed him with acute pneumonia, obviously a side effect of the virus, and basically he was giving up. I sat up most of the night watching him breathing because I didn’t think he was coming back.'

Asked if it was a relief to be through the ordeal, David added: 'It really is. We have tried to keep up with the news. I have been listening to you for the last few days, since we’ve been back. Absolutely, this is gospel, I am 100% behind you with the stance you have taken with the Government. The Foreign Office have behaved amazingly good with our family… The British embassy in Tokyo were absolutely fantastic. They were ringing us every day…'

David added: 'I think the measures the government are finally taking, if people take notice and abide by them and we all take responsibility for our own health and our own hygiene, I think this could be over as quickly as it arrived. That might be very naïve of me to say that but as a country, if we pull together it will disappear more quickly than we ever imagined.'

Talking to Piers, he went on: “Throughout all of this you are a guy, it’s rather like looking at a dog with a bone, you do not let go. What you really believe in, you are not afraid of asking the government questions, putting them on the spot… I do admire you as a journalist.”

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