'I feel hugely angry for my pupils.' Have pubs been prioritised over schools?

There are reports suggesting the government is going to scrap social distancing in schools so that all pupils can return to education in September.

However, with pubs been given the green light to open on 4 July while thousands of children miss out on a proper education in the classroom, are pubs being prioritised over schools?

Susanna Reid asked this question to headteacher Bryony Baynes and Dr Susan Michie on Good Morning Britain.

Some people have baulked at the idea that from 4 July parents will be able to have a pint in a pub with a few friends but their children will not be able to go to school.

'I feel hugely angry on behalf of my pupils, parents and staff," said Ms Baynes. "The schools were closed very abruptly and we had very little time to prepare. Throughout the course of this we've had very little direct information.

"Now we're being told it's all being scrapped in September but it seems to me there's much greater guidance coming out for pubs."

Dr Susan Michie says the government needs to reprioritise schools over the reopening of pubs.

Responding to Susanna's question of which should be prioritised Dr Michie said: "I would put the education and wellbeing of the next generation extremely high on the list, if not highest.

"But we do need a comprehensive overall strategy not these piecemeal announcements."