Is it ever too early to tuck into festive treats?

I don’t want to eat mince pies on the 1st December - or even before that!

Liat Hughes Joshi

Sausage rolls, chocolates and mince pies - are you drooling yet?

Now we all like to indulge at Christmas, but should we wait for the Christmas holidays before reaching for our favourite festive treats?

Well, our resident chocolate hoarder Kate Garraway clearly didn’t seem to think so, as she tucked into her favourite goodies on the Good Morning Britain desk this morning.


Studies show that adults consume an extra 174 calories a day in the run-up to Christmas, and Britons consume around 5,000 calories on Christmas Day.

To discuss this debate we were joined by parenting author and journalist Liat Hughes Joshi, who doesn’t think we should turn the Christmas celebrations into a month long food binge - and celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, who said it’s never too early to start.

Watch the full debate here

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