Is the Veganuary Challenge really a good idea?

To be a vegan, you need to make sure you're on top of your game

Dietician Linia Patel warns that going vegan doesn't automatically equal better health

It's common to hear about people giving up alcohol after the festivities of Christmas and New Year - but this January the willpower's been turned up a notch with 140,000 said to be giving up all meat and animal products in the quest for better health.

But is the Veganuary Challenge actually a good idea, or just the latest fad, as Piers Morgan implies?

Journalist Afua Hirsch, who's embraced the benefits of a vegan diet in the past and is taking part in Veganuary, told us we should all consider the social responsibility to not eat meat products because of the effect their farming has on the environment, not to mention the cruelty that can be involved.

However, dietician Linia Patel says those taking part should take care to make sure they're getting they're still getting their five a day and thinks people would perhaps be better off just trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into their diet.

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