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Is your 'faux fur' actually real?

A Good Morning Britain investigation has found examples of fake fur on sale in high street stores that is actually REAL.

In one day Katy Rickitt found real fur masquerading as fake in three leading stores, two of which have publicly claimed they are fur-free.

Campaigners say stores are betraying their customers in pursuit of profits.

Humane Society International (HSI) work on animal protection issues around the world and they have offered advice on telling faux fur from the real thing.

3 easy ways of telling real fur or fake fur?

  • Part the fur at the base - if you see a leathery substance then its real fur. If it's synthetic then there will be a fabric/mesh base.

  • Real fur tapers at the end.

  • If you have already bought the product, you could take a bit of the fur and burn it. If the fur frazzles then it's real, if it's synthetic it will melt like plastic.

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