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Joe Wicks reveals he's raised $100,000 for the NHS in just one week

Joe Wicks has raised nearly $100,000 for the NHS from his at-home PE lessons in just a single week.

Wicks, in his new found role as the nation's PE teacher, has been putting daily exercise classes on Youtube for people to keep fit and healthy during the coronavirus lockdown.

After pledging to donate all the advertising revenue from Youtube, Wicks revealed exclusively to Piers and Susanna that the total has hit nearly $100,000 from just seven videos.

Wicks confirmed that every penny he makes from the daily PE lessons going forward will be donated to the NHS.

When Piers Morgan congratulated Joe, also known as ‘The Body Coach,’ for donating the money earned from his YouTube videos to the NHS, Joe said: “In the past week alone, the ad cents is almost at $100,000 - every penny of every workout that we do from now and forever, all of the money is going to the NHS in the UK.”

Joe explained he feels proud to be able to help out.

“I saw the views and it’s unprecedented. YouTube isn’t a massive part of my business, it’s something I do, it’s free content, I love sharing it, but obviously with the views comes more ad cents, the revenue, so I saw the number and I was blown away and said, ‘That number needs to go somewhere special’ and the NHS felt right. I’m so proud I’m doing that,” he said.

Piers also asked Joe about his social media post yesterday, where he admitted he was feeling low for the first time since lockdown was announced and Joe said: “It was the first day yesterday where it caught up with me - lack of sleep, because I was doing interviews at midnight for Australia, then getting up at 7am and doing radio and breakfast stuff for the UK, I’ve been pulled in all directions. I’ve said yes to everything because I wanted to reach as many people.”

He added: “That was the emotional side effects of being confined to your house and having two screaming babies. It can be too much and I wanted to share that. I’m not superhuman. I have days where I wake up feeling low and flat, but I always use exercise as a way of lifting my mood.”

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