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Katie Price opens up on son Harvey's horrific online abuse and her mum's terminal illness

Katie Price and her mum Amy spoke about their on-going health battles and discussed online trolling during an emotional interview on Good Morning Britain.On her health, Amy explained she was pushing for a transplant in a bid to extend her life.

She said: “[It’s] very up and down really to be honest with you. Obviously it’s terminal. I should imagine I’m in the last couple of years now. What with Covid and everything, if I catch a cold or Covid there’s no hope so that would be the end of it for me. 

“But positively, I’m hoping, I’m pushing to see if I can get on the transplant list because there is no cure and there’s nothing more they can do for me. It’s just palliative care keeping me comfortable. But with the transplant my age is against me. The results are not as good as you get older and you could die on the operating theatre, you could have rejection, you might not come out of hospital. If you could go through all that you could have a better quality of life, well you would have a better quality of life and maybe live for another two or three years. So, I’m pushing for that at the moment.”

Being in isolation from her family, she said: “A relief in some ways. I know that sounds funny. I haven’t seen Kate... since last October, for my birthday. I must admit, even though in lockdown Zoom has been amazing. As a family we are all a lot closer because of the situation because we all make more of an effort to keep in contact. We have family quizzes on a Friday, which deteriorate as you can imagine.”

Katie added: “I’m loving life as much as I can. It puts life into perspective. It doesn’t matter how bad it is, you’ve just got to get on with it, like my mum. The only thing I hate is seeing my mum on the oxygen thing. Which, you was on it 15 minutes ago but you hate wearing it don’t you? I’m surprised you are able to talk without… my mum, look how brave she is. That’s where I get my [strength], it’s the same. I follow mum. She plays it down.”

Speaking of her recent fall, she said: “It was in the dark, there was no lighting, no signposts. We were messing around… literally it was a small wall. I ran to jump over it and didn’t realise there was a 25 foot drop the other side. Landed on my feet. Even the physio that I see, he does a lot of footballers and stuff like that, and in 35 yeas this is the first injury he’s ever seen like this apart from a parachuter, who did it in one foot.

“I have got screws, metal plates, everything. I won’t ever be able to run again. I walk funny, I have one leg longer than the other. But luckily I can still horse ride and ride a bike.”

She hasn’t tried high heels yet, adding: “The fact I’m out of the wheel chair is a massive thing for me!”

On her documentary with Harvey, she added: “With Harvey racism is a massive trolling thing at the moment, and disability. So Harvey gets double bubble of it... Luckily for Harvey he doesn’t know.” 

She said anyone who saw the documentary would know how “vulnerable and innocent he is and he couldn’t defend himself”. She said the trolling had got so much worse since she launched her campaign with her mum three years ago.

“When I do take Harvey out everyone loves him… he’s just so innocent, he’s like a kid really.” She said she has had abuse in person when she’s been with her daughter.

“Harvey’s law is trying to make online trolling a criminal offence.”

Ending on a positive note, she said Harvey was going to be an ambassador for Mencap. She also played a special message for Piers.

She added she had now found “her perfect man” and she was going to get married again and that her mum needed to “save her breath” rather than criticise as she muttered: “Oh here we go!”

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