Boris Johnson vows to 'get Brexit done' as loyal Labour votes turn blue

  • Boris Johnson kept his seat in Uxbridge and Ruislip South.

  • Johnson said projected Tory win gives 'mandate to get Brexit done'.

  • The breach of the Labour 'red wall' has begun as the Conservatives take loyal Labour seats in Workington, Darlington and Wrexham.

  • Labour keeps a grip on Newcastle Central and Sunderland South but vote share is down.

  • Labour take back control from the Tory's in Putney.

Boris Johnson has held his seat in Uxbridge and Ruislip South after winning a comfortable majority of 7,210.

The Prime Minister said the projected Conservative majority gives his party "a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done" before calling yesterday's exit poll "a historic election".

British politics looks set to be redefined tonight as traditional Labour seats held for a generation have been won by the Conservative Party.

The 2019 exit poll prediction appears to be coming to fruition, with the Tories on course for their biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher.

Blyth Valley, which has never had a Conservative MP, became the first red seat to turn blue.

Elsewhere, Workington - a key target seat in the Tory campaign - also saw a huge swing from Labour to the Conservatives, with Darlington also following suit.

Wrexham, which hasn't voted Conservatives since 1935, also turned blue.

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Labour managed to keep a firm grip on loyal seats in Newcastle Central and Sunderland South but their vote share was down - around 3,000 and 9,000 votes respectively.

There was a key win for Labour, though, in Putney, with Jeremy Corbyn's party managing to take back control from Boris Johnson's Conservative party.

The affluent area is a Remain-voting constituency on the outskirts of London.

Meanwhile, the Brexit Party's chairman Richard Tice landed Nigel Farrage's party a win in Hartlepool.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson keeps his seat in Uxbridge and Ruislip South Credit: PA