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Lockdown easing Q&A: Dr Hilary Jones and Richard Gaisford explain the new restrictions

The lockdown restrictions are eased from today with the 'stay at home' order from the government ending and being replaced with 'stay local'.

Dr Hilary Jones and Richard Gaisford answered questions on today's show covering what you can and can't do under the new rules.

You're not supposed to go indoors are you?

Richard Gaisford: "Everything has to be outside. It's getting together with friends and family outside, gardens, parks, public spaces, the beach but in no more than groups of six if it's different households mixing or two households coming together of any size.

"If you have five in your household and you're mixing with another household of five, that's fine and you can do that. But what you can't do is come together with multiple households in groups of more than six."

Dr Hilary Jones: "The critical thing is that people are still discouraged from hugging, discouraged from not socially distancing. If those two households are getting together that doesn't mean intimacy, it means 2m apart, masks, hands, face, space."

What are the rules about someone going into your house if they are visiting in the garden?

Richard Gaisford: "Briefly is the word that's being used and that is really only to use the bathroom facilities. Or if you are living in a terrace and to walk through from the front to the back that is the only time you should be going through the house but you can use the bathroom."

What about outdoor sport?

Richard Gaisford: "Kids activities in groups of 15 is allowed and you're also allowed organised sport in groups of the size you need to play that game. Tennis, golf, outdoor swimming all start today and that is fine but it has to be outdoors and in terms of larger groups it has to be organised.

"If you want to have a kickabout with your mates in the park that is six people only and socially distanced."

Should we still be working from home?

Richard Gaisford: "The advice on coming back to the office hasn't changed, they still want you to work from home where possible."

Watch the full Q&A with Dr H and Richard Gaisford above which covers travel, domestic overnight stays and second homes.

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