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Matt Goss says Christmas is 'challenging' after mum and sister's tragic deaths

Matt Goss has revealed he often struggled with feeling lonely following the death of his family members during an interview with Good Morning Britain as part of the 1 Million Minutes campaign.

The 51-year-old singer, who shot to fame with his brother Luke Goss in the famed band Bros, lost his sister Carolyn following a tragic car accident at the height of their fame in 1988.

The famed duo then suffered more tragedy when they lost their mum Carol to breast cancer in 2014.

Speaking of their loss, Matt said: "This time of year is strange, you don't want it to be [lonely] because it is a very festive time and a very family-oriented time. So this period is challenging for me because we had so many rituals with my mother and she was my home."

Talking about grieving the loss of his sister, Matt told Piers: "As you get older you start to think, 'what would happen if my sister was here?' She would have children, I would be an uncle. You start thinking about what it would have been."

Despite his own personal family tragedies, Matt said he has a really good support network of friends in Las Vegas, where he lives.

"My friends are becoming my family," Matt explained. "I really have lost a great deal of my family. We call ourselves strays, anyone that's a stray in Vegas is welcome at my house."

The singer is part of Good Morning Britain's 1 Million minutes campaign, which encourages viewers to pledge their time to help those who might be feeling lonely this Christmas season, whether it's through things such as grief, illness, homelessness or old age.

Speaking of how people can invite those into their homes this Christmas, Matt said: "I think it's as simple as saying, 'Hey are you going to be on your own this Christmas? Come over, we're gonna have dinner.' It's about being inclusive."

He added: "We have tears that run down the front of our face, we don't need to cry, I think you have to be more conscious of people's emotions because. I think sometimes, especially being British, we're quite prideful so it takes picking up a phone and you might have to invite three times because you've got to get through that pride and people being like 'I'm OK.'

"The thing is to notice before somebody has to ask."

If you want to pledge your time and volunteer with a number of charities,then head to our pledge page.

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