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Matt Hancock sets out plan to tackle rising care home coronavirus crisis

Matt Hancock today laid out the government's plan to tackle the rising care home coronavirus crisis.

The Health Secretary addressed the issue sweeping care homes across the country at the daily national briefing.

After reports that more than 2,000 care homes had been affected and two government ministers unable to say how many care workers had died because of coronavirus on Good Morning Britain, Hancock explained the plan to solve the issue.

Hancock began by saying the government had invested a further £1.6b and echoed Rishi Sunak's comments from the day before that they would do 'whatever it takes'.

"Today we've strengthened the rules so that all care home residents that are discharged from hospital will be tested before being admitted into their care homes," Hancock said.

"We will test all symptomatic care home residents and as I announced last Friday, we've introduced testing for all social care colleagues and members of their of households who need a test.

"At the same time we are increasing again PPE supplies to social care, we are creating a supply, logistics and distribution network of unprecedented scale.

"Building on the PPE plan I set out on Friday, over the next three weeks we will continue priority drops to the local resilience forums, who distribute to the social care system according to local need, while we roll out our new online delivery system for social care settings.

"This will be integrated with the NHS supply chain's central PPE logistical operations with kit shipped directly to social care providers via the Royal Mail."

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