Matt Hancock: "The government's advice on wearing face masks hasn't changed"

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Good Morning Britain that the government's advice on whether the public should be wearing face masks has "not changed."

The government had a meeting with The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) where the topic of whether it should be made mandatory for the public to wear face masks, was discussed.

Speaking to Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins, Mr Hancock explained: "We constantly update and follow the scientific advice as the scientists learn more about the virus. But the position hasn't changed. The formal government advice and the government position hasn't changed."

"Masks are most important in the NHS and in social care where people are in close contact. Of course, we'll update the government position as and when the advice changes," he added.

Discussing whether people should wear face masks when they go to the shops, Mr Hancock said: "The current advice is that socially distancing is better and has more of an impact and people should follow the advice from Public Health England. There isn't any change to that advice on face masks but we do keep the scientific advice under review all of the time."

Dr Hilary warned that homemade face masks "made of cloth, scarves or paper are next to useless because the virus passes straight through them."