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Meet the Brit who wishes he was never evacuated from Wuhan

Matt Raw wishes he had never boarded the British repatriation flight to evacuate him, his family and 85 other Brits from Wuhan in January 2020.

The British Government sent flights to bring Brits back from Wuhan as it became the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Matt and his family took a flight after they heard people were being turned away from hospitals in Wuhan, but he regretted the decision to bring his family back to the UK as soon as he emerged from quarantine back here.

With life back to almost complete normality in Wuhan with nearly restrictions lifted on socialising and going out, Matt says he wishes he never left Wuhan and would feel safer back there now.

When Matt left quarantine after arriving back in the UK, in the middle of February, that was when it hit him that he wished he had not left: "Wait a minute, where's the plan? We're not doing anything in this country and it was then the penny dropped the government were not going to do anything. That was when we realised we never should've got on that flight."

He added: "There was no sign of anything being done whatsoever. We'd seen first-hand just how quickly the virus spreads from being in China and watching the daily infection rates in the news there.

"There was just no talk of lockdown, no talk of closing the ports, stopping people coming in and out of the country. That was the point we realised we should've stayed.

"If we had stayed in Wuhan it would've been 2-3 months of a pretty strict lockdown but then life returned to normal."

Matt said if he was in Wuhan today he would probably be going to one of his favourite restaurants or getting a haircut, however in the UK he is facing lockdown restrictions for the foreseeable future.

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