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Michael Gove leads messages of support for Boris Johnson

Michael Gove said he was shaken to hear his friend and colleague Boris Johnson had been taken into intensive care yesterday.

Joining Piers and Susanna on Good Morning Britain, Gove revealed that it was a huge shock to hear Johnson had been admitted to ICU as his condition worsened.

After questions over who would be running the country while Johnson recovered, Gove confirmed the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab would be chairing the 'important meetings' today.

He also offered a deep message of support to his colleague in the hope that he would make a full recovery.

Gove, who is currently self-isolating at home, explained: “It’s terrible, I’ve known Boris since we met as students and it’s been an amazing privilege to work with him as Prime Minister. It is an amazing privilege to work with him as Prime Minister and I’m just wishing him well.

"Everyone who knows Boris knows he loves this country and he always, always, always wants to do his best for the country that he loves and we are just hoping and praying he pulls through.

"It was a shock yesterday to hear the news about him going into intensive care… all of us just want him to pull through, he is the leader of our country. He is a big-hearted, generous spirited guy who believes in public service. We are just rooting for him.”

Johnson was admitted to hospital for tests on Sunday evening as a precautionary measure 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus.

However, as his condition worsened on Monday he was moved into intensive care but was not incubated and number 10 have insisted he is not on a ventilator.

Good Morning Britain correspondent Richard Gaisford explained that not be on a ventilator is an important difference in intensive care patients.

"That is quite significant because that would need large amounts of sedation, possibly to put him into an induced coma to get the tubes into the right place," Gaisford said.

"There is a blunt truth about all of this that no one goes into the intensive care unit without effectively being in a position to have to fight for their lives, that they are in a position where their life is at threat.

"The statistics are sobering. A lot of statistics going around at the moment suggesting that only 50% of those people with Covid-19 going into ICU come out alive."

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