Muslim mum challenges other women to try wearing a hijab for a day

She said 'you make my skin twitch' - because of a piece of cloth

Nilufa Dahlia, on the moment a woman verbally attacked her in public

Would you wear a hijab for the day to see if it changed the way people treated you?

A British Muslim vlogger is challenging women to try on the traditional headscarf, so they can see what it's like to be excluded from society, or even abused.

Brave Nilufa Dahlia decided to set the appeal after she was verbally attacked in her local supermarket. The mum of-two was shouted at by a shopper who told her: "You make my skin twitch", after seeing her wearing the cloth headdress. She told us the experience left her feeling "deflated".

The mum-of-two also says she has also struggled to make friends as people are reluctant to approach women wearing the hijab.

We sent Ciara Durkan out in a headscarf to see if she noticed a change in how people treated her and invited Nilufa onto this morning's programme to discuss the issues surrounding headscarves.

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