The silent killer that almost got Nadine

For weeks Nadine Coyle and her family felt ill and were unable to sleep or think clearly. They thought they'd all been hit by a really bad dose of flu but in fact were suffering from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by a cracked central heating boiler.

The Girls Aloud singer was living in California at the time and it was only after she called out an engineer that the problem was spotted. They only escaped death from what's called 'the silent killer' because the house was so well ventilated.

We also speak to mum of two Nina Doukanaris, who thought she was tired and run down because she had recently had a baby. However, when her husband also started to feel really tired and her kids started sleeping longer than normal, she googled the systems and was horrified to discover her family was being poisoned because her boiler was faulty and had been emitting carbon monoxide.

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