Neighbours describe London killer as 'friendly boy' who invited them over for barbecue

After a number of properties across East London were raided by police early this morning, suspects are expected to be formally identified soon.

Meanwhile, Richard Gaisford visited the neighbourhood of one of the London attackers, who was killed by police on Saturday night, to learn he had given out cupcakes on his doorstep to celebrate Ramadan and invited everyone over for a barbecue.

Despite the niceties, one person told us his wife had reported him to police a number of years ago.

Jibril Palomba explained: "He was always strict on religion."

However Jibril still went to the barbecue, which he described as "a normal day, eating, drinking, talking about friendship".

Neighbour Ramou Grant told us: "The boy that was killed last night, was a very friendly boy.

"Last week he called for a barbecue and invited the whole of us, the whole of the neighbourhood. We are thinking, was this a send-off, or what?"

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