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What are the new quarantine rules for Greece and Portugal? Don't get caught out by these rules.

Ministers are under fire from holidaymakers and the travel industry for failing to provide “clarity” after Portugal and Greece retained their places on England’s coronavirus quarantine exemption list.

It was announced there would be no changes on Thursday night, despite Wales and Scotland adding restrictions to travellers returning from the holiday hotspots.

There had been speculation that Westminster would reimpose the quarantine requirement on Portugal due to a spike in Covid-19 cases, which lead many of those abroad pay hundreds of pounds to fly home this week.

Now Simon Calder has offered clarity on what is becoming a very confusing situation for some.

"Let's be absolutley clear, it's your home address that counts," Simon explains.

"A really good example is there is going to be a flight landing at 11pm tonight in London from Lisbon. For example if there was an Englishman, a Welshman and a Scottsman - well the Englishman can do what they like.

"The Welshman has to go straight home and isolate for two weeks, and the Scotsman better have a fast car waiting because if he can get across the border to Gretna by 4am then he doesn't need to self isolate an if he's any later then he does."

The travel expert then went onto explain, "You have to be in your home in your home country by the time the deadline strikes, it's not just a matter of being outside of [the country], for example Portugal."

For those who also thought they had found backdoors and loopholes, by buying cheap flights to other destinations such as Germany on the way back to the UK to save on costs, Simon confirmed "that's not going to work".

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