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The man who made his shed into London's top-rated (fake) restaurant

When people start applying for jobs at your non-existent restaurant, things get out of hand

Fake restauranteur Oobah Butler

When you think about booking a table for a special occasion, do you look online for the best rated? If so, you might do so more cautiously after hearing Oobah Butler's story of how he became London's top up-and-coming restauranteur, without so much as sautéing a scallop.

The Vice journalist managed to fool food lovers and tourists using Trip Advisor into thinking the garden shed he lives in was London's top-rated restaurant, thanks to fake reviews written by friends and some rather deceptive photography.

'It got out of bit out of hand' - Oobah Butler had no idea how seriously his fake restaurant would be taken

He even let a few guests book a table, serving them frozen food (free of charge) - which they liked so much they asked if they could come again!

"I was laughing through all of this. Until it got a bit out of hand," he told Ben and a rather disapproving Susanna on Thursday morning's show.

Watch the interview above to find out how he did it...

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