Piers and Susanna slam credibility of 'Rule of 6' 

GMB's Susanna Reid has questioned the "ridiculous exemptions" that could be undermining the credibility of the government's new 'Rule of 6" restriction at a time when communities are already feeling divided.

This week, the 'Rule of 6' restriction came into force across the UK designed to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

However, exemptions to the rule include people grouse shooting and hunting with guns.

Policing minister Kit Malthouse has said anyone who was concerned about too many people gathering in one place, should consider reporting it.  

So would you report your neighbours over new rules?

Piers Morgan thinks most people don't instinctively want to become a snitch. So the question is how far it goes. 

Journalists Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire were in total agreement that they would be very reluctant to turn in their neighbours. 

Kevin said: "I would be more likely to have a word with them instead of calling the police and would need to be really pushed to shop them in... You don't want to turn Britain into a Stasi State."  

The 'Rule of 6' measure is being implemented in much of the UK but restrictions are different depending on which country you live in.

Explanation of how the rules work wherever you are