Piers and Susanna list questions for the government after 146 day GMB boycott

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid listed all the questions they'd like to ask Health Secretary Matt Hancock as they marked the 146th day of the government's boycott of Good Morning Britain.

"We'd like to ask him about testing and why it's so difficult to get a test," Susanna began. "Any why are they introducing a £10,000 fine for people who test positive and don’t obey the rules? And whether he thinks that might lead to people not getting any tests at all?"

"I'd like to ask him why they stopped community testing in the middle of March when it was clearly absolutely crucial," Piers added. "I'd like to know why, after a pandemic exercise in 2016, we said we didn’t have enough PPE?"

The pair continued to list their questions for Hancock, with queries about the "protective ring" around care homes among the queries they had for a representative of the government.

"'I'd like to ask the Health Secretary why on every part of this pandemic he's been so woefully wrong," Piers concluded, "but I can’t ask him, because for the 146th day, the government is boycotting Good Morning Britain."