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"I don't know where toxic has come from." - All the reaction from Prince Harry's honest and explosive James Corden interview

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards, journalist and former editor Dawn Neesom and Royal Marines veteran Mark Ormrod speak to Good Morning Britain about Prince Harry’s James Corden interview as Justice Secretary Robert Buckland MP also discusses the Queen urging vaccine take-up. 

Speaking about Prince Harry’s interview in which he says he stepped back, not down from the Royal family and spoke of a ‘toxic’ atmosphere from the British press, Royal photographer Arthur Edwards said: “It does surprise me. I don’t know where the ‘toxic’ has come from because when I worked with him all those years here, he engaged with the media. We used to have a drink. On every tour we used to go to a pub and he’d get everything off his chest and you’d get everything off your chest. It’s only when he met Meghan that stopped. He never interacted with us again. We asked several times to meet Meghan but it never happened.

“When William got engaged to Catherine, we all met Catherine. When William married Catherine, we all used to get invited down to Kensington Palace, we met George, it was a much friendlier atmosphere. And Harry was very friendly. I saw James Corden making Harry a cup of tea there. I remember Harry made me a cup of tea once. He was a very, very great guy. I just wonder what’s got into his head.” 

On Harry saying it was a toxic atmosphere that affected his mental health, Arthur said: “It hasn’t affected his brother, hasn’t affected his father, they’ve been through the same, they cope very well, they didn’t run off to LA or Australia or anywhere like that.”

Journalist and former editor Dawn Neesom said: “To be honest I sort of disagree with Arthur, I’m not surprised that Harry has given this interview. What they are now is Hollywood stars rather than dedicating their life to Royal service. The toxicity of the press, it wasn’t there in the beginning - we loved Meghan, she was a breath of fresh air. She was so different. She was independent, she was feisty, had her own opinions. So we wanted to welcome this bright, beautiful young woman. It went wrong when they started lecturing us and telling us how to live our lives from a position of incredible privilege. I think that is where Harry has lost the plot in a way. I’m not belittling the mental health issue in any way shape or form. And we all know the British press have not been perfect over the years, but I do think, interviews with James Corden and Oprah Winfrey and the baby announcement with that very, very publicity hungry photo, this isn’t a way of protecting your mental health and protecting your family from the press, whether it’s here or in America.”

Mark Ormrod, Royal Marines Veteran, said: “I’m no expert on any of this, I don’t watch a lot of news if I’m being honest. I’ve met Harry numerous times over the years, with the cameras, and without them. And what I’ll say is he’s a genuinely nice guy, he genuinely cares. He was there on the front line with us, fighting in combat, in warzones, and then he was there to support us as well when we were injured, wounded or sick. I have the utmost respect for him and I think he’s got to do what’s right for him and his family. He is now a father and he is a husband.

“I think personally, losing that title of Captain General of the Royal Marines would have been hard for him. But, as a former Royal Marine and with a peer group of numerous former Royal Marines, we all love him and he’ll always be one of us. No matter where he is, what he’s doing, he’s one of us forever.”

Also on the show, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland MP spoke of the Queen urging vaccine take up: “As is so often the case in our history, the Queen can, just with a few words, really encapsulate the mood of the nation. What she said was it’s important to think of others. I think what is meant by that is taking the jab isn’t only about your own self-protection, it’s altruistic, it’s an act of thought about how we can protect the wider community. I’m sure, we would all think about people who for genuine medical reasons can’t sadly have the vaccination, but there’ll be a lot of people out there who are a bit scared perhaps, never had one before, we need to encourage, we need to involve and we need to explain to people that this is a good thing. 

 “The Queen by her example, once again has eloquently shown and demonstrated by having the jab herself, that it’s the right thing to do.

“An issue like the vaccine and the Covid pandemic goes beyond politics. This is something that affects all of us, whoever we are, whatever walk of life we come from. Messages of unity, if you like, are very much part of what the Queen is all about… She’s got it right for nearly 70 years and she continues not to put a foot wrong.”

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