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EXCLUSIVE - 'My heart is torn': R Kelly's daughter speaks up about his sexual assault allegations

In a world exclusive interview, Drea and Joann Kelly, the ex-wife and daughter of, RnB singer R Kelly, have spoken to Good Morning Britain about the accusations made against the singer and their relationship with the accused star.

Twenty-one year old Joann Kelly opened up about how much she has struggled to come to terms with these allegations against her father.

"It's a very hard situation to digest and even process because my heart is torn into two separate places," she told Good Morning Britain.

She went on to say, "I don't want to confirm or deny anything that the women have been saying."

"It's very painful to see all these people being affected."

However, the 21-year-old claimed: "I do still love my father", and denied reports she had called him a 'monster'.

Joann spoke on the impact of her relationship with her father, stating: "If my father is a toxic person then, unfortunately, we just have to love him from a distance."

She allegedly hasn't spoken to him in years, and R Kelly hasn't made any attempts to reach out to her.

Following a documentary titled 'Surviving R. Kelly', the accusations brought against the star have been thrown under even more scrutiny.

The rapper has been accused by many women for allegations of sexual misconduct against women and underage girls - with one couple in Atlanta even claiming R Kelly brainwashed their daughter into not talking to them.

R. Kelly's ex-wife and Joann's mother Drea is one the myriad of women to come forward and speak out against R Kelly.

"He was abusive to me verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually," she told Good Morning Britain.

Drea had her case dismissed by the court when she came forward with these accusations.

Nonetheless, she claimed the latest allegations: "ring true to my life, and me and these women don't know each other, so how could we have the same stories about the same man?"

She also asserted she couldn't speak for the other women who have come forward.

"I can't confirm or deny these women's stories because I haven't lived it personally," she said.

When GMB contacted R. Kelly's lawyer for a statement, they replied:

"Thank you for the opportunity to partake, albeit if only in writing. Mr Kelly loves all of his children and would love to see them. Unfortunately, Andrea has been a roadblock. As for her (Andrea’s) allegations, they are simply repeats of allegations that were fully investigated and determined to be unfounded by child services and the police, and again aired and rejected by the Judge during their divorce. They are without merit."

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