Rachel Riley on the statistics of finding love and her relationship with Pasha

Compatibility is a little bit mysterious

Rachel Riley on her unlikely romance with Russian dancer Pasha Kovalev

Bad news for singles - the odds of finding love are lower than you might think, according to new research by mathematician Rachel Riley.

The Countdown brainbox teamed up with dating website eHarmony to find statistics that show if left to fate the average person has only a 1 in 562 chance of finding their perfect partner. That means there's more chance of Simon Cowell becoming Prime Minister!

Rachel joined us this morning to tell us more about her findings and what single people can do to increase their chances of getting coupled up - and it's looking more hopeful if you're older.

She also alluded to her own romance with Russian dancer Pasha Kovalev, whom she met on Strictly Come Dancing.

Rachel and Pasha
Rachel admitted her match with Pasha is an unlikely one

"When we were born we didn't even speak the same languages, so if you'd said to me, on paper, Russian ballroom dancer... I mean, when we met he'd never heard of Ryan Giggs, Sir Alex Ferguson - he had a proper education and I'd never danced a step in my life," she said.

"But we get on brilliantly, so it's just one of those things. Compatibility is a little bit mysterious."

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