John Stapleton and son Nick pay loving tribute to Lynn Faulds Wood

John Stapleton and his son Nick spoke to Lorraine Kelly about the loss of TV presenter and campaigner Lynn Faulds Wood who died of a stroke in April. John, who presented Watchdog alongside her, says his wife suddenly fell ill after the family took part in the clap for carers.

Describing her as a 'pioneer' in campaigning to raise awareness of bowel cancer, John said his wife had saved thousands of lives: "When Lynn started campaigning there were people in our business who couldn’t bring themselves to say the word cancer… Lynn would have none of that of course."

He continued: "She saved thousands of lives. She was still doing it right at the end. She would always find some ray of hope."

Lorraine also shared her own fond memories of Lynn, who she originally met on her first day at TV-am, describing her as 'the kindest woman'.