Remembrance Sunday: White poppy vs red poppy

Peace campaigners are encouraging children in schools across the country to wear white poppies ahead of Remembrance Sunday - but their new campaign has come under some criticism for going head to head with the red poppy.

So what does the white poppy represent? They were first handed out in 1933 and according to the Peace Pledge Union (PPU) it’s a symbol of all lives lost in war, not just those served in the armed forces.

Symon Hill from the PPU joined us and said white poppies are the “symbol of commitment to peace” and includes armed forces, all civilians and nationalities.

Colonel Richard Kemp opposed PPU's new campaign, and shared his strong views on the white poppy being sold alongside the red poppy.

He said: “The white poppy is a left wing political symbol designed to indoctrinate people into an anti-war theory.”

Watch the full debate above.

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