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Richard Arnold's Armchair Guide - June 19

It's a family affair this week as TV's Richard Arnold serves up a menu of bods, boffins and plenty of Barneys, Geddit? Fine, read on and everything will be revealed.

Check out his picks of the week's best TV below...

Love Island Australia - Monday, 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub

Are you yearning for some factor 50?

It's time to head down under for some even hotter villa action.

With this summer's series of Love Island postponed to 2021, you can get your fix of summer grafting with Love Island Australia on ITV2 from Monday.

The episodes kick off at 9pm at each night and will be full of all the usual frolics and even some more fraught antics.

Britain's Brightest Celebrity Family - Thursday 8pm ITV and the ITV Hub

Quizzing titan Anne Hegerty (The Chase) is back hosting a brand new series of ITV’s hit quiz show Britain’s Brightest Family – but this time, it’s well-known celebrities and their families who’ll be battling it out for the title. 

And for the winning famous family, there’s a whopping £25,000 prize for their chosen charity up for grabs. 

Two brand new rounds have been added to this celebrity spin on the format – including an ‘Observation’ round featuring fun, cartoon images of Anne that put their memories to the test. Plus, there’s an ‘Identify’ round where members of each team must race against the clock to physically sort two piles of answers into their correct categories. Can they tell their cheeses from their Italian composers? Their birds from their Roald Dahl characters?

Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad - Wednesday 8pm ITV and the ITV Hub

Actor Bradley Walsh and his son Barney are back in a special series which combines series one and series two of their popular road-trip adventures and includes a special, unseen episode of outtakes from their trips.

This set of six hour-long episodes from the original first and second series sees Bradley and Barney travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans and Florida to Maine, ending with the sixth episode of previously unseen action.

In this week's episode Bradley and Barney learn how to fire tanks and visit a space centre in Texas, before feeding alligators and taking part in a Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Martin and Roman's Sunday Best - Sunday 8.30am ITV and on the ITV Hub

Father and son Martin and Roman Kemp have a new weekend show, Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best!

Each one-hour Sunday morning show will see Martin and Roman invite two celebrity guests into the studio and team them up with two families, who are joining via video link from their homes. The families featured have all recently done something nice, such as caring for others, so this is their time to be in the spotlight and be thanked for all they have done. 

With rounds including ‘Way Past its Sell By Date’, where guests and families present an odd item they’ve found in their fridge cupboards and ‘Photo Burst’, where hosts and guests put photos in a virtual album on their phones and play a game of ‘Own Up to the Image’, the two teams will be competing against each other. If a decision needs to be made, Martin and Roman will call on their judges, a group of grannies who will decide on the verdict. Across the series, Martin and Roman will be keeping score as well as interviewing celebrity guests.

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