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Richard Branson unveils new spacecraft

She looks beautiful!

Richard Branson on new Virgin Galactic spacecraft SpaceShipTwo ahead of historic unveiling

Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic team will unveil a new aircraft, SpaceShipTwo, that's designed to take holidaymakers to the edge of space.

The launch comes after the first model was destroyed in a test flight, killing one of the pilots and injuring another.

Speaking to GMB live from California's Mojave Desert, Sir Branson admitted he had concerns the spaceship launch would not happen.

''It was a horrendous day when it happened and there were moments we were wondering whether we would carry on,'' he said.

''But people expect companies like Virgin to push the barriers forward.

''It's part of the price of trying to achieve things that haven't been achieved before.''

Tonight the team will launch the new SpaceShipTwo, which Sir Branson says is the first galactic step towards space tourism.

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