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Sadiq Khan urges government and business to focus on testing to get people back to work

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said regular Covid-19 testing is the only way businesses can get people back into work safely and with confidence.

Mr Khan said there are three major issues around coronavirus testing which is preventing the economy returning to full power: Availability of testing, speed of results and people who don't have coronavirus having to quarantine when returning from abroad.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain the Mayor of London also confirmed he had not spoken to Prime Minister Boris Johnson since the last COBRA meeting on 10 May.

When Susanna put it to the Mayor that testing is the only way people can return to work he responded: "You are absolutely right. Test regularly, test often but also make sure the results come back quickly as well."

Mr Khan expressed concern for those on zero-hour contracts who have to quarantine and face losing out on work because of it. He added the only way to fix that problem is more widely available and speedier testing.

When asked about people having to self-isolate for two weeks on returning from some foreign countries Mr Khan suggested a double-testing system to allow people to return to work sooner.

"I would like to see people being tested twice when they arrive back in the country. Firstly on arrival, but because we know this virus has an incubation period of 3-4 days test them again in 3-4 days and that way rather than that person having to quarantine for 14 days, which is really damaging for them, their business and their family life, they can return to work," he said.

Last week the government launched a campaign to get people back into their offices however, Mr Khan argued that the government's testing system isn't 'fully functional', track and trace isn't 'fully working' and they are in the midst of preparations for a second wave.

"The way sport has been able to return is by testing, testing, testing and one of the things I've been told by Londoners regularly is that they ask for a test and they've been sent to the Isle of Wight or Cardiff - that's not the way to engender confidence," he said.

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