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Should clothes stores have unisex changing rooms?

Top Shop's move to introduce gender-neutral changing rooms encourages equality

Britain's Next Top Model's first transgender contestant Talulah Eve

Top Shop has decided to get rid of separate male and female changing rooms across all of its stores following pressure from transgender customers.

We discussed the news on today's show with TV presenter India Willoughby and Britain's Next Top Model's first transgender contestant Talulah Eve.

India, who's also transgender, is completely against gender-neutral changing rooms while Talulah welcomes Top Shop's move saying it's a positive message that encourages inclusivity and equality.

Susanna Reid pointed out that there are two key issues - firstly, the concern that children, particularly young girls, will be sharing a changing area with men; and secondly the rights of transgender people.

The topic ignited plenty of debate on our social media channels with a poll on Twitter overwhelmingly against unisex changing rooms. See results here and comments.

So do you think more clothes stores should follow suit? Join the debate on Twitter and Facebook.

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