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Should divorce be made easier?

We have to make up the most ridiculous reasons for people to divorce

Divorce layer Vanessa Llyod-Platt

The Government will come under pressure today to change the law on divorce - as 150 family lawyers head to Parliament.

Family lawyer organisation Resolution, who are organising the action, say the current system could be leading to unnecessary hostility and arguments in proceedings.

Currently, one of the spouses must say their partner was at fault even if they don't want to and feel no one is to blame.

As a result some bizarre reasons for unreasonable behaviour has been cited on divorce papers, from a spouse not wanting to watch a certain film to another who insisted on dressing like a Klingon!

However those who are opposed to the changes say it will lead to more divorces.

We were joined today by divorce layer Vanessa Llyod-Platt, who will be joining the protest, as well as retired High Court judge Sir Paul Coleridge, who is worried about the proposed changes and thinks the system is in need of a complete overhaul.

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