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Breastfeeding kit for men: The future of fatherhood?

According to its inventor, a hormone kit that lets fathers breastfeed when their partner is struggling could be available in as little as five years. An 'empathy tool' for fathers, the kit involves taking several drugs through the partner's pregnancy so that the man grows milk ducts at the time of birth.

Spencer Matthews, Quentin Wilson and the product's inventor Marie-Claire Springham debated the future of 'chestfeeding' this morning.

Marie-Claire Springham, a product design student in the UK, created the 'chestfeeding' kit to provide an alternative option for couples and to reduce the pressure on new mums who might be struggling.

She says she discovered one of the main triggers for postnatal depression in men was feeling left out, and for women struggling to breastfeed. Therefore she believes this invention would have benefits for both mother and father.

However Quentin Wilson, father of three, believes the whole concept is ridiculous and that it ‘goes against the natural order’.

But, having recently become a father himself, Spencer Matthews was a little more open to the idea.

He said: "I see why it would be attractive for a man to want to help his wife, but then I also think that it's a bond that they deserve."

Should men be given hormones to 'chestfeed' their babies, or is it wrong to interfere with nature?

Watch the full debate above.

Weekdays | 6am-9am