Are you offended by this advert?

We're a fitness brand, our own aspirations are to make the nation healthier.

Richard Staveley, who's Head of Global Marketing at Protein World

An ad for an online protein shakes brand has sparked controversy across the UK with more than 40,000 people signing a petition to get it banned.

The billboard features a skinny model in a bikini - her ribs are showing with the words 'Are you beach body ready?'. The ad is now being investigated by the ASA. People across the country have defaced the ad.

We speak to Richard Staveley, who's Head of Global Marketing at Protein World, the company responsible for the advert, he said the advert is only suggesting if the individual has "reached and attained your own goals that you've set for yourself".

We want to know - does seeing the 'ideal' bikini body give you something to aspire to or are you fed up of being told how to look? Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or by emailing before 8am on Tuesday 28 April and we may wish to speak to you about appearing on the show. We may also share your comments on the show. You must be 18 or over, for terms and conditions see

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