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Should romantic novels be more politically correct?

Some best-selling romance novelists, including Lauren Layne and HelenKay Dimonsay, say they are having to re-write parts of their famous raunchy stories to reflect the 'Me Too' movement.

So we posed the question on today's show - should romantic novels be more politically correct?

Joining us to discuss the subject were authors Joanna Trollope and Adele Parks, and Dating Expert Nadia Essex.

Joanna and Adele spoke about the responsibility on modern authors to reflect the current climate, describing how Shakespeare would write his famous plays differently now.

Watch the full interview above.

Joanna said that “without question” the 'Me Too' movement needed to be taken into account, with Adele Parks adding: “What we all want to do all the time is reflect the world we’re living in."

She added that similarly some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, including Romeo & Juliet, were of their time: “If he was living now, he would write it differently. He would write The Taming of the Shrew quite differently, the cultural climate is quite different.”

Challenged by fellow guest, Nadia said romance novels are fiction, you don't read them for tips and as a handbook on life... it's all about escapism and fantasy.

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